At Last…


I’ve published it.

On and a few other outlets, you can now purchase Esther, Mia and the Stars! It will say “Spanish version” but it’s in both English and Spanish, every page.

Esther and Mia are best friends. Esther must come up with a creative solution when she discovers that Mia is being bullied. Together, they overcome this painful event and tell their story in English and Spanish.

It’s imperfect, but it was a labor of love, illustrated by my daughters with a message of empowerment for children who are experiencing bullying.

Thank you to my blogging community! You provided much-needed support and encouragement along the way.

Self-Publishing Update


I finally received my proof for Esther, Mia and The Stars today!

It looks really good. It’s not perfect. But it’s a labor of love and I’m going to publish it. Two illustrations need to be replaced and I have to figure out how to center the ISBN code on the inner cover…but that’s it!

My friend, Sierra, translated the English to Spanish and told me it was a very fun process and that she learned a lot. I felt the same way. The process was extremely satisfying. My daughters loved making the illustrations at first, but then became self-conscious and self-critical. I hope the fact that I encouraged them to complete it will impress upon them the importance of crossing the finish line.








Self-Publishing Update


Working through CreateSpace (Amazon’s answer to self-publishing) includes the following phases:

  1. Create
  2. Setup
  3. Review
  4. Distribution
  5. Sales & Marketing

Esther, Mia and The Stars is now in the Distribution phase. This is my first book, so I’m very excited! I’m enjoying the process immensely, even when things go wrong.

I’ve been meditating an extra minute every morning. This morning, I meditated for 11 minutes and tomorrow, I will meditate for 12. What I mean by meditating is concentrating on my breath and not thinking. Why is this important? Because the mind can work in overdrive and  interfere with inner peace. Meditation has (already) helped me keep calm during challenging moments. My sixth graders were very loud and obnoxious today, but I was fine. My illustrations scanned at a dpi that was too low and I had to re-scan and crop them all over again, but I just did it and didn’t feel anxious or upset at all.

I’ve written my book description:

Esther and Mia are best friends. Esther must come up with a creative solution when she discovers that Mia is being bullied. Together, they overcome this painful event and tell their story in English and Spanish.

My “About the Author” blurb:

Caroline Chung-Wipff delights in working with children who are often much wiser than adults. She lives in the desert with the love-of-her-life (Willey), her two amazing daughters and Opal the Dog Wonder.

Amazon tells me:

Your book files are still being reviewed. A final print ready cover file is needed to continue to KDP. You will be e-mailed when the review is complete.

So I wait.

Please ping me if you have any questions about the process thus far. It’s so fun!










I am a HUGE fan of James Altucher. He’s creative, honest and authentic. I absolutely believe in his assertion that we must choose ourselves. He’s the reason I’m finally self-publishing my children’s book (which I’ve mentioned before).

If you’re interested in self-publishing, check out’s program CreateSpace.


Choose yourself!

Update: all the illustrations are done. Now, I’m working on the manuscript errors. I had 3. My laptop is super old, so it’s very slow in processing.

Untitled presentation

Tonight is all about editing. I’m enjoying the process and I’m learning a lot. My daughters, ages 13 and 15, were the illustrators. I will cherish this book for the rest of my life.

Happy Saturday night!






Self-Publishing: Illustrations

I had to download all of my images (which I had scanned) from my hard drive to my Google Drive for security purposes. I would hate to lose them should my computer die! This took awhile. I then placed half of those images into my CreateSpace Dashboard. It’s been a super long day/night and that’s all I can get done for now. It seems silly to create a whole blog about it, but I am (hopefully), I’m inspiring you to do even just a little (whenever you can) toward reaching your goals.

When you’re tired and just want to veg with Netflix…

When you just want to take a bath and go to bed…

When you just want to surf the Internet reading mindless junk…

do one small thing towards your goal instead.

Good night!



I completed placing the text tonight. I will complete uploading the scanned illustrations (hopefully) tomorrow night. It’s a super busy week for me both at work (school) and for my daughters (school/violin).


Balance. Consistency. Little-by-little.

It’s still not clear to me how placing text and illustrations in a Word template will ever look good, but I have to trust the process, right?

Thank you to all who have been so kind to provide words of encouragement. I hope I am helping even one person out there.



Self-Publishing: ISBNs, Trim Size

Do you have your EIN yet?

Next step on my CreateSpace Dashboard: Establishing an ISBN.

CreateSpace will create one for you, for FREE. However, this ISBN can only be used on the CreateSpace publishing platform, which is OK by me, since I want to distribute through


I’m choosing the most popular trim size and full-color (it’s a children’s book, afterall) and white pages (cream is not an option anyway).


The next step (uploading book file) will have to wait until this weekend. I have not laid my book out yet. I’m preparing myself for a slow and (most likely) frustrating process as my scanner is slow.


Are you doing this with me? Let’s git ‘er done!