Teens and Talent


“I’m procrastinating,” my daughter said. She was just hanging out with me. With all her chores done, the last item on her list of “to dos” was to practice her violin.

“I don’t get it. You are so good at violin. You seem to enjoy it. Why do you always put it off?”

“I love playing. I don’t like practicing. It’s hard and it’s boring.”

“Well, it’s the practicing that makes us like listening to the playing.”

“You’re so mean,” she says as she opens her case.


2 thoughts on “Teens and Talent

  1. I always wonder: how does it get from here to there? But then I remember liking to play the other things on my flute and not what I was supposed to play because it was repetitive and boring. So maybe that’s the answer…but you’re not mean. I thought it was inspiring. 🙂 I wish my mother had said those words to me.


    1. Thank you. My daughter always says, “You’re mean.” It’s like saying “hello” or “thank you” or “how are you”? She’s turning 15 in 17 days. I guess that’s teen language. 🙂


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