Sunday Study


I’m reading a synopsis of the book Unleash the Warrior Within. It’s written by a former Navy SEAL Michael “Mack” Machowicz. Obviously, he’s quite a self-disciplined, productive individual: host+ producer of Discovery Channel’s “Future Weapons”, author of Develop the Focus, Discipline, Confidence, and Courage You Need to Achieve Unlimited Goals and he possesses multiple black belts in martial arts.

One surprising piece of advice he gives (considering he’s a former Navy SEAL!): pursue your objective at 80%, not 100%. Why? Because you can’t give 100% long-term. You’ll burn out. This made me relieved because that is what I already do.

Yay! I’m not a slacker!






One thought on “Sunday Study

  1. Caroline! How are you and your family? I have been reading your article anytime I can They are all good. Since I arrive here I have been Traveling everywhere to see my brothers and Sisters very busy.

    And Dad wrote e-mail to go Rockford after that I haven’t Heard from him. Did you hear from him so so long driving I am getting Worry please call him let me know OK Love you. Mom

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