Self-Publishing Update


I finally received my proof for Esther, Mia and The Stars today!

It looks really good. It’s not perfect. But it’s a labor of love and I’m going to publish it. Two illustrations need to be replaced and I have to figure out how to center the ISBN code on the inner cover…but that’s it!

My friend, Sierra, translated the English to Spanish and told me it was a very fun process and that she learned a lot. I felt the same way. The process was extremely satisfying. My daughters loved making the illustrations at first, but then became self-conscious and self-critical. I hope the fact that I encouraged them to complete it will impress upon them the importance of crossing the finish line.








6 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Update

  1. This is exciting!! Your girls will appreciate the encouragement, and it will cement it in when they see the totally finished product. They will see that mom was right 🙂 Don’t worry about perfect because nothing is perfect, you did it!!! That’s more than a lot of us can say 🙂


    1. Perfect is the enemy, right? When you’re focused on perfect, it’s hard to start and/or finish. 🙂 I love being imperfect. Thank you for your kind words. I hope this inspires others to start and finish a creative project.

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      1. Absolutely perfect lol way to word it, “perfect is the enemy” Not only makes it hard to start or stop a project but it will never live up to “perfect” so we set ourselves up to fail. When things get too “perfect” it looses it’s personal touch, and becomes, I don’t know generic(?) if that’s the right word.


  2. Well done! It made me chuckle – the names I mean – my first (cat) baby is called Esther and my first (girl) baby is called Mia! You just need to have a “Grace” and maybe a (cat) “Dorothy” in there and all my girls are covered!


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