Kevin the Complainer – The Cover

adobe cover

I’ve been working on this intermittently for a week. Trying to learn Adobe Photoshop just to get the cover done.  I didn’t have to use Photoshop for “Esther” although I do recall having a challenging time with the cover page. I’m learning the benefits and downfalls of linking layers vs. grouping themin Photoshop. This is much more than I ever thought I needed to know when self-publishing, but it’s interesting and pretty fun.

Just ordered a proof. After I’ve received it and checked it over, it’s publishing time!



Self-Publishing Update


I finally received my proof for Esther, Mia and The Stars today!

It looks really good. It’s not perfect. But it’s a labor of love and I’m going to publish it. Two illustrations need to be replaced and I have to figure out how to center the ISBN code on the inner cover…but that’s it!

My friend, Sierra, translated the English to Spanish and told me it was a very fun process and that she learned a lot. I felt the same way. The process was extremely satisfying. My daughters loved making the illustrations at first, but then became self-conscious and self-critical. I hope the fact that I encouraged them to complete it will impress upon them the importance of crossing the finish line.