Even Brahms Did it…

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We attended our daughter’s concert tonight. She’s a member of the Youth Symphony of the Southwest (members are aged 15-20). They played Brahms:  Symphony No. 1 in C minor and it was 45 minutes of absolute bliss.

I learned something new: Brahms so admired Beethoven and wanted so badly to create something in the same caliber that it took him fourteen years to complete this concerto.  Fourteen years.

He toiled and created on one project for fourteen years. That’s some serious perseverance.

So if you’re working on a masterpiece of any kind and you’re stressed about how long it’s taking you to create it, don’t sweat it. Just keep at it and pay no mind to time.



One thought on “Even Brahms Did it…

  1. Beethoven showed up in Vienna where pianists would jump up on a stage in a square someplace and improvise. So he did. The baddest cat in town ran home in tears, threatened to cut his hands off and told everyone Ludwig must be possessed by the devil. Some things are just beyond mere mortals. Let’s hope that time thing is true. And if it is I need to haul some *** ’cause I’m not getting any younger! Congrats to your daughter. Music is truly proof there is a God. Addn in some cases what a great sense of humor she has.

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