Yoga for the Back


We were out of town for a week – back to the San Francisco area – and walked a lot. It was great spending time with family and friends, eating good food, seeing the sights.

Somehow, I hurt my back. Could have been a combination of the plane ride, tight muscles and aging. It’s not that bad, but I rarely hurt myself and found myself limping along this morning, doing five loads of laundry. The pain was so great, I understood why people take pain killers.

So I got down on the mat and did “front bends” with Rodney Yee for 20 minutes with his A.M. Yoga.  I know, he’s not a saint in his personal life. But my back is MUCH, much better after giving some attention to it.

“Get out of your mind and listen to your body. Listen to what your body’s telling you.”

Rodney Yee

What’s your body telling you?