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The sun started to go down and they headed home.

“Want to work on the rainforest project tomorrow after school?” Lily asked.

“Yes! That’ll be fun!”

After eating dinner, Kevin worked on his homework. He didn’t even think of his channel, subscriptions, likes, or dislikes. 

Focusing on his math, he understood it and completed all of his homework. Fatigued, he fell into an easy, deep sleep.

Page 46

Kevin joined Lily for lunch at her house. They ate in silence until…

“Nothing’s going right,” Kevin moaned.

Lily waited for him to continue.

“My grades are in the toilet, my YouTube channel is in the toilet and I am in the toilet!”

Lily looked him in the eyes and listened.

Kevin wanted her to say something, but he realized that there was nothing for her to say.

“What do you think I should do?”