Doodles + Four Facts


Mosquitos – Malaria, transmitted by mosquitos, kills nearly one million people in the world every year.

Fruit Cocktail (the Del Monte variety) used to include alcohol (!) but Prohibition er…prohibited that. Frugality led to fruit cocktail as “spoiled parts” of fruit were cut around to save the good parts. Voila! Fruit “cocktail.”

Peg Leg – The first use of peg legs go back to the 1500’s: Francois le Clerc, known as the first pirate with a peg leg. (

Spigots – Invented as early as 1700 B.C.!








The Mosquito buzzes loudly

and gives you time to escape

the angry welts of last nights’ feast

evidenced upon your nape


negligent neighbors leave pools green

the larvae turn to pupa

The process is quite enthralling

tho it might cause The Zika


A solution is in order

but the slayer you so dread

is the Desert Bat Sonor’

whose winged path you dare not tread



*Mogee is Korean for mosquito


Bonus picture of my dog.