Nothing fake about me!

‘Tis the season!

We receive holiday cards, mostly from friends and family but also the occasional acquaintance.

We received a  card with one of “those” letters in them. You know what I mean, the ones that review the entire year for every family member in 8 very full paragraphs in 8pt font. Everything that happened was fantastic. Each family member is on his/her way to great success.

This card/letter came from a family with whom we don’t have a personal connection. We never speak on the phone, we never meet up. We are not even  Facebook friends. They happen to be real estate agents in the community.

2016 is almost over. I’d like to see some authenticity happen in 2017.

Communications (email, phone, social media, etc.) are time-consuming, both for the sender and the recipient. Wouldn’t it be nice if every attempt at reaching out was genuine? Do you really care to forge a relationship with us? Then be real. Invite us for a meet up. Call. Even an email invitation is acceptable these days.

But please, don’t send a generic “personalized” letter and assume we care. Why should we?









9 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Yes, those letters are horrible – and from someone you hardly know? Just odd. Here’s to a more authentic new year, to honesty and decency.
    Thanks for the follow and all the best for 2017


  2. I hear ya on the be more authentic in 2017. I laughed when you said you got “that” Christmas letter from the family that had paragraphs of what they did all year each of them! Oh and it’s all the good stuff. Well, I finally moved away from so called family: mind you my friends are more family than family! Anyhow My sister did this type of thing and I was not happy. I did how ever like the photo’s she put because the two kids are in there one a grad National Guard. I am trying to come up with one word to concentrate on for the new year…authenticity just might be it!


      1. You have such great words!! I was thinking of abundance, Focus, Study, concentration, authentic…. my main goal is college for the next two years. I guess I have to think another day and maybe post it. Thanks for coming over.


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