For Interest

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One of the foundational threads of advice throughout all the art courses I’ve taken is to add details “for interest.” I’ve noticed that small brush strokes here and there add a lot to the piece.

Everything I’ve done based on my “interests” has borne great fruits: teaching, relationships, art, spiritual growth, and writing. When I pursued activities or work based on anything other than an authentic engagement, it never worked out.

“Interest,” it turns out, is essential to true joy.

3 thoughts on “For Interest

  1. Interest … God is in the details … interest … because your blog contains many references to plants your method reminds me of fractals … details repeating themselves … this, in turn, reminds me of a method for developing a story that I stumbled on, The Snowflake method.
    I believe that if I were to compile you blogs and look at them as a whole and then look into them in detail, I would detect patterns similar to fractals, similar to pattens found in nature.
    I admire your work.

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