For Interest

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One of the foundational threads of advice throughout all the art courses I’ve taken is to add details “for interest.” I’ve noticed that small brush strokes here and there add a lot to the piece.

Everything I’ve done based on my “interests” has borne great fruits: teaching, relationships, art, spiritual growth, and writing. When I pursued activities or work based on anything other than an authentic engagement, it never worked out.

“Interest,” it turns out, is essential to true joy.

What If….

What if you added this to today’s goals:

“….with presence and care.”


For example, “Today, I will attend present at the sales meeting with presence and care.


“I will work with my subcontractors to complete this project with presence and care.”


I believe you will see a difference in how your day goes, for the better.

My daughter Josie (often the illustrator for my blog), created this clay dog tonight with presence and care.

FullSizeRender (18)

Cool, huh?