3 thoughts on “146 and 147

  1. I love your use of color. That sounds trite. Context: I am replacing the bathroom floor and all the flooring these days (in Canada, at least) is grey (muted, “neutral”) … if beige was a lifestyle in the 70’s, then grey is the new beige.
    For my bathroom, my instinct (reaction) was to go for colour … vintage vinyl … patterns w colour… no luck. Google “vintage floor tiles” and you can find hundreds of beautiful images … try to find these vinyl tiles … anyway, I love that you use colour in many of your drawings … I would love the pattern on the right of the guitar as a bathroom tile 😃

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    1. Thank you. I am usually drawn to monochromatics! But I’m taking a class on creativebug.com on color and playing around. It’s fun! Best of luck to you on your bathroom remodel.


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