Motivational Jump Starts: Tip #5 (Daniel Pink)

Pink suggests that you get unstuck by “going oblique.” In the 1970’s, Producer Brian Eno and artist Peter Schmidt created a deck of cards that contained strategies to overcome stress and being “stuck” creatively. They called it “Oblique Strategies.”

You can purchase this deck of cards for $500 or used ones for $65 or you can get some great examples for free, here.

I think the bottom line is to “jolt” you out of your rut.

Maybe a deck of cards containing oblique strategies doesn’t do much for you.

For me,  visiting an art gallery or going to a live music event will inspire me to “break the walls” to creativity. Perhaps reading the biography of someone you admire will do it for you, or maybe a weekend trip to a cabin with no technology.

It will be different for everyone. Just make sure it’s in your arsenal of tools for work.


Motivational Jump Starts: Tip #3 (Daniel Pink)

After you ask the Big Question, you need to ask the small question:

“Was I better today than I was yesterday?”

Did you do more?

Did you do it well?

Monitoring day-by-day success ensures you will reach your goal long-term.



Source: Drive by Daniel Pink, pages 155-156