Uh “Oh”…

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Dang it.

I love Sandra Oh. She’s cool. She’s ultra. She’s crush-worthy.

I’m trying to cut down my screen time and now THIS!

I’m going to get hooked, I just know it. Damn.

If you’ve ever sold yourself short, you need to read this deeply compelling article on the show and Sandra:

Sandra Oh Assumed She Wasn’t Up For Lead In ‘Killing Eve’ Due To Hollywood Racism (Huffington Post)

If you miss the broadcast, you can watch full episodes here (you don’t even have to log in)!

The Terrible Terrier


I love her quiet presence

–  wide-eyed and expectant –

she lives each day without self-judgment


Photo by Jaclyn Clark

She is ready to play at any time,

faithful, affectionate and constant,

she delights in all life has to offer


people keep their distance from her breed

believing them to be vicious

when they merely mirror their human companions


they are mute and misunderstood


Once a mascot for 20th century America,

and even called “nanny dogs,”

Pits can sustain much pain without yelping


The language barrier rendered us speechless

but my Korean grandmother’s love for me was a quiet companion

playful, devoted and boundless










Sunday Funnies #1

When I was a kid, I used to love reading the Sunday comics. They were in color and I studied each one. This was back in the day when we had news in paper form…right after fire was invented.

FullSizeRender (9)
Josie’s creation


I’ve decided to make my own “Sunday Funnies”. Here is Sunday Funny #1:


Setting: Yesterday morning at the breakfast table

Characters: Josie (14) and Ava (13) and me

Ava: Mom, what is your favorite color?

Josie (answers for me): Green.

(I nod in agreement.)

Ava: What’s your favorite song?

Josie: “Sweet Caroline.”

Me: Duh.

Ava: What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?

Me: That’s hard. I love so many foods…Italian…

Josie: Mmmmm!

Me: Greek…Vietnamese, Korean, Thai….I guess I could say that I love them all. They are all delicious!

Ava: What is your favorite kind of dog? You know, which breed?

Me: (Thinking)…Labrador, pit bull…

Josie: All of them! They are ALL delicious!

Both girls giggle and high five.

Ava: We are so Asian.