Be a Wild Flower

Photo by Milos Tonchevski


I have a desert garden in my backyard. A beloved neighbor gave us all of her potted plants when she moved out of state and the plants have thrived. This year, some new wildflowers grew next to the pots. They’re not related to any of the potted plants and they are not being irrigated. Yet, they continue to grow beautifully on the little rain they get.

People can be like wildflowers. They are transplanted from some other place and they just grow. They take advantage of the resources available.  They don’t ask permission. They don’t shrink because the other plants were there first.

They are beautiful in their uniqueness, their peculiarity, and their originality.

We can all be like wildflowers: wild, courageous, strong and proud.

Be like a wildflower. Don’t look for approval or acceptance. Hold your head up high.


6 thoughts on “Be a Wild Flower

  1. Life has one possible move – Move on. The nature doesn’t care about who will live or die. All potted flowers died. All things continued the circle of life – the continuity of the genetic code of the most strong. In this case through the seeds left behind with the excrements of birds or some sort of “Forest Gump” wind bringing seeds though the transience of the temperamental weather.
    In some way we are that potted flowers that died when we see homeless perishing slowly on the streets. Of course 99% of us ignore their existences. They will gonna die in an analogous manner like that potted flowers.
    The wildest in our case doesn’t matter. We are always the weak side. Expendables. Even in the rare case if some of us are brilliant minds our work will continue surviving through the time but no one, even the wildest souls will overcome Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Gandhi, e.g.. Nature has a sense of sarcasm humor for us. Most of time we are simple aleatory jokes flourishing from time to time.

    I liked your touch.

    kind wishes.

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