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Free Spirit


Waiting on my white gel pen to finish this piece.


Another way to look at your day’s purpose (and string of those leads to a life’s purpose) is to be mindful of your “vibrational frequency.” Yes, that might sound like hippie-speak, but consider it. (What’s wrong with being a Flower Child or Free Spirit, anyway?)

I read Light Watkin’s blog and this is how it inspired me:

If you’re into positive thinking and purpose, think about the present moment in terms of the vibrational frequency you’re putting “out there” (into your world). Are you giving off positive vibes? Or are you complaining or worrying?

When we talk about people giving off “vibes,” we’re often addressing their general energy, not something that said or did specifically. We have all felt someone’s energy as positive or negative before that person said a word.

Appreciating your present moment in terms of energy can get you out of your head (when you’re worried or upset about a specific event). Sometimes, it can be easier than identifying your current thought and catching yourself thinking non-productively. Am I giving off good vibes? Easy to answer. And thus, easy to change.




But What Can I Do?


At first, he was a reluctant civil rights leader.

He had (very legitimate) fears: personal safety, the safety of his family…

But he served anyway.

It only took one person to lead a nation and provide inspiration for decades thereafter.

But what can I do? You might ask.

When you hear hate, speak up.

When you see injustice, take action.

When it’s election time, vote.

Thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr., for your leadership.*

*from Light Watkins


What if…


the riches we all strove for were the inner lights we could possess? What if we all wanted to be rich this way and helped each other attain this wealth?


The great news is that we have the option – the freedom – to choose what wealth is for ourselves. Possessing ambition is fine, but without inner peace, it means nothing.


Rich – adj., abounding in natural resources (

The idea for this blog was inspired by Light Watkin’s post on true wealth.


#1: When your computer breaks down and you have to type and publish your blog on your cell phone, ROAR like a lion.

#2: When the bonus they promised to deliver in December gets postponed to February, ROAR like a lion.

#3: When Pinterest tells you that someone in Russia has hacked your account and you can’t reset your password (see #1), ROAR like a lion.

#4: When you start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry or depressed, ROAR like a lion.

Or…close your eyes, breathe deeply and know everything is fine.


Small Moments

“It’s the blank sheet of paper, a pen, and the stillness – it’s a small thing. Be true to the small moment. The series of small moments lead to greatness.” Eckhart Tolle

I love to draw. Drawing requires very careful attention.



Insects #2







If you make “friends” with your fears and “problems,” then everything will be peaceful and you’ll be truly happy. This is easier than you think: You just need to have an open mind and try.




On Love and Life

X is for Xeriscape*


Succulents and needles,

Sand and stone,

In this arid land

I’m not alone


Quail eggs, scorpion and snake on the floor

Wren, dove, and hummingbird above

All of us move unruffled and unrushed

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust


*Part of my alphabiography series

Ahhh! Bliss…


Photo by Andre Mouton

V is for Veracity*

Truth —-> Self-Awareness —> Integrity —> Self-Contentment —> Peace

Which would you prefer: to be happy or to reach xyz goal?

When I find myself starting to worry or getting wrapped up in achieving xyz…The question, Isn’t it important to be happy?  realigns my focus.  The truth is, it’s not what I do that’s important, it’s HOW I do what I do.


*Part of my alphabiography project

Sweet Roll

E is for Eclairs

I ate an eclair almost every day that I was pregnant

For both pregnancies

The fog blanketed our San Francisco home

Downing hot green tea with the french pastry,

I, a lifelong member of the “Am I Doing Enough?” Club,

was finally relaxed

despite the fact that the budding life

– fueled by choux and cream –

was taxing my stretch pants



*this blog post is part of the alphabiography project













* word origin for eclair:
1861, from French éclairliterally “lightning,” from Old French esclair“light, daylight, flash of light,” from esclairare “to light up, make shine”(12c.), ultimately from Latin exclarare “light up, illumine,” from ex- “out”(see ex- ) + clarus “clear” (see clear (adj.)).