Q is for Quiet*

If I could say anything to my students, I’d say:

“Hi, my name is Mrs. Wyatt and I like it very quiet.”

But alas, my last name is Wipff

(origin: Alsace-Lorraine) Yes, Swiss

I chose this name! I married it.

My surname is Chung but not Chinese, Korean

It is pronounced “Jung” – not “yung” like Carl (who was Swiss, by the way)


What’s that you say?

Oh yes, I love the Quiet




*Part of my alphabiography series







3 thoughts on “Digression

  1. Hi Caroline! You should know I look forward to your posts, talk about your posts and blog with Melissa, my family and friends. And now, in part from your influence, I am starting a blog!! I’m very excited :-). Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with the world. I love your voice and perspective and it has made me want to do that too. Thank you!
    P.S. if you have any tips for a new blogger I’d love to hear from your experience!


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