My favorite children’s book series is Frog and Toad. I’ve always loved the simplicity and hilarity of the stories and it dawned on me only recently that perhaps Frog and Toad were more than friends. Lobel, author and illustrator, came out to his family pretty late in life and then died from AIDS. Everyone needs to accept everyone for who they are. Why judge others?

Which brings me to a comment my husband made to me this morning. He was looking over my shoulder, watching me draw the frogs.

“So when are you going to draw your own things?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know…the things you like.”

“I like what I’m doing. I have drawn things on my own and they were pretty terrible. I’m still learning.”

“Just draw your own things.”

I understand what he’s saying. And I have wondered if I’m playing it safe by drawing out of a book, but I really am a beginner. My goal is to practice drawing until December 31st and then try my own “things.”

And that is when I will make my leap!




3 thoughts on “Leap!

  1. Well, yours certainly look different from Lobel’s, and I like the so many different ways you render them. Trying different renditions of the same subject sounds like a great practice, and I believe that an original collection of them would already stand on its own as “yours.”


    1. Thank you for reading and responding. I was thinking the same thing. At the same time, I know I ought to be mindful of challenge and not be afraid to practice defining my signature. 🙂 It’s fun practicing this way, that’s for sure. Someday, maybe I’ll be as good as you.

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