Watercolor & Resist



I’m traveling and I left my fine paintbrush at a friend’s house. So I thought I’d try wax resist using a white art pencil and on the lettering and then paint over it. It “kind of” worked out. A white crayon might work better. I’ll paint this bag again when I get home. It was fun!



In drawing and painting, I am cultivating “my style.” I am definitely not someone who likes (or can) make realistic faces and people. In elementary school, I excelled at stick figures with faces of tiny dots for eyes, no nose and semi-circle mouths.

But this was a fun and relatively easy portrait painting that I learned from August Wren on Creativebug.com. I like the bold colors and rough frame.

Feeling Stuck


I’ve been feeling stuck in my writing and my art. Doing the art in Lisa Congdon’s “Messy Sketchbook” Creativebug class has loosened me up. But I think I need to do more of it, and more yoga, too.