When the High Bar Becomes the Low Bar

Scarcity creates hunger. It’s good to be hungry. You’ll work hard if you need to eat.

Extreme pain can prove to be an effective deterrent, ask anyone who has survived a war or depression. They’ll do anything – anything – to avoid experiencing that again.

Tough competition pushes you to your limits.

But the very best competitor and source of inspiration is yourself.

Stand up comedians always save their best line for last. Louis C.K. played the same act for years, with mild success.  But he changed when he heard  George Carlin suggest that after performing a successful set, comedians should scrap it all and start over. Louis C.K. then started his act with what was his last (and best line), effectively pushing himself to reach even higher bars. He’s now worth $8 to 10 million and is lauded by many to be one of the best comedians of all time.