No Two Are Alike

“The middle one is pregnant,” says the husband.

Every zebra has unique stripe patterns – much like humans’ fingerprints. 

If we could just appreciate our singularity – and the originality of others, this world would be a more peaceful place.

I like Ram Dass’ observation: When we go out and see trees, we don’t judge them. We don’t say this one is better than that one. We appreciate every tree. We should do that with people. Appreciate every person. 

Judgmental people tend to judge themselves fiercely. They believe it makes them work harder and be better. In fact, judgmental people possess an insecurity and sometimes a level of self-hate that disables them to love others.

There is strife in America right now. There is a great divide. But ignorance is being met with consciousness and ultimately, awareness will win.





Miro’s Catalan Landscape

We like seeing art we have never seen before or art that takes something familiar and gives us surprise. This is Bloom’s Taxonomy on steroids. You create something off the charts. It’s YOU personified and it requires not caring so much what others think.

Examples of artists who take or have taken that risk:  Joan Miro, Andy Kaufman, Tig Notaro, Prince, and Rory Scovel.

Whatever your occupation, work to differentiate. Create.