Time and Money


I wish I had an entire day to write. Actually, to flesh out my characters and get to know them. To dream. I am on the brink! But I need more time. I’m writing notes on index cards, a la Anne LaMott.

On another note, Korean class offered by Korean Cultural Center of Arizona has been cancelled due to low enrollment this spring. I hope it has nothing to do with Mrs. Michelle Kim’s health (she’s the Director of the Center). It’s sad. It’s such a wonderful program and now it will be a major uphill battle (and MUCH more work for me!) to teach the girls Korean. Hopefully, JiMin can help before she leaves in June.

Willey is almost finished with his 1,000 piece puzzle…just in time to pay complete attention to me for Valentine’s Day! I’m going to make a beautiful dinner for the entire family and have the girls (JiMin, Josie and Ava) help me make the dessert. The menu is undecided as of now…