Sunday Suggestion


I’ve been pushing myself lately to be as productive as possible at work and at home: teaching, preparing for National Board Certification, participating in a video coaching study, painting, working on two books and publishing this blog daily.  🙂  Exercising in the morning actually makes me feel more energetic so that is how I start the day. The days end with cooking dinner and cleaning up.

But I’ve been feeling…unsettled….a bit anxious, even. If I don’t get to all my tasks, I feel down on myself. I’ve been feeling like the proverbial hamster on her wheel: running and getting nowhere.

A few days ago, I was waylaid by the flu. I gave a talk Thursday night to parents for Curriculum Night and then collapsed when I got home.

Of course, I was majorly bummed and nearly distraught: I don’t have time to be sick!

Bedbound, I realized the grace in being forced to slow down. Obviously, my body is trying to tell me something. Unable to clean the house, paint (properly), write or workout is a good exercise in just being. Illness has forced me to get more sleep and in stillness, I’ve watched the monsoons each night in all their glory: thunder, lightning and rain.

So, today, my Sunday Suggestion is to slow down. Maybe whittle a task or two off your “To Do List”

Say “no” more often. Ask for help. Take a walk instead of checking email. Hang out with positive, quality people. Plan a day to do nothing but enjoy yourself.

It might diminish the anxiety. It might help you find your center. It’s already working for me.




One thought on “Sunday Suggestion

  1. such great advice – and my husband and I have realized that there are times when we push hard and juggle a lot – like last weekend we totally did a lot and chose to as we invested in friends and community. but we knew if we lived our life like that all the time – e’d have nothing to give int he end.
    So we try to monitor it and draw boundaries – and get sleep. Takes sacrifice and sometimes loss of $ – but crucial.
    and best wishes with your board certs –
    if I could go back to 2012 and 2013 when I was doing some hard studying – I would have gotten more nutritional support – to support my adrenals and to liver and entire system.
    NOw I know – but I had to learn — whew
    and I likea good mineral blend, a good b-complex (by Jarrow) and then enzymes are the sparks of life. and I like acetyl l-carnitine with ALA – such an amazing supplement.

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