8 thoughts on “Truth of the Day

  1. I love that you want to capture her beautiful essence…I see it too! Dont know if it’s true for you but I find that black lines can sometimes do the job and other times be harsher than I want. The warmth in her eyes (are they hazel?) and her skin tone is so nice. Do you ever do lines in watercolor, a muted gray or even a diluted raw umber or burnt sienna? Many thanks for so many lovely, thoughtful posts, enjoy your offerings so much.

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  2. I can offer no tips, I don’t believe I could have done as well as you have done. I must compliment the photo. It is well-captured and upon focusing on her eyes alone, they gleam with a youthfulness, appearing almost wild and uninhibited. Also, in contradiction to these, her eyes seem old soul-ish, in that they appear to bear wisdom. Truly an interesting choice with which to challenge your obvious talent.

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  3. great form, but I would bring the top eyelids down – and fill in the areas around the top eyes – I think that is where essence was lost.
    you sure picked an interesting picture, and she does have essence – wow-
    I thought maybe some of the chin lines would help essence, but I really think the eyes – because we know life is so often in the eyes – where we see the window to the soul.
    so the area around, the eyelids, and then the catchlights in the actual eye – hmm?
    have a nice week

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