I read an article and got inspired.

1948180_10152141761378025_1457480227_nIra Glass says the key to success is plain old hard work. Keep working, don’t think too much about it. FINISH!  And I’ve always wanted to be able to draw or paint and I know I’m not good at it – YET. So I sat down despite all the “work” I have to do (lesson plans, consulting work, a short story I want to finish) and I made art. It barely looks like opal. When I showed it to Josie, she said, “Um, I like the colors.” Ava hugged me because the criticism stung so badly.

But I shall persevere.


valentines-001Things that have been satisfying recently:

  • Been writing 300 words every morning – OK, almost every morning. Making good progress on “David & Yeunja”, a dramatic modification to my last short story, “John E. Lee.”
  • Biore – hubby’s nose. Very satisfying.
  • Making the girls’ lunches for tomorrow.
  • Running with the dog and walking the girls home from school.
  • Passing my two AEPA tests – received official results today. I did MUCH better than I thought I did!
  • Receiving my paycheck every other Thursday.
  • Making a massage appointment (tomorrow)!
  • Waxing my brows.
  • Watching Willey play chess with Ava before dinner and….
  • Updating this blog!