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Desert Arroyo Park  1/21/18

Everyone ought to have a quiet place to walk.

Move your body and quiet your mind – this is the opposite of what most of us do most of the time.

Which is healthier? A busy mind and lethargic body or a quiet mind and a moving body? An overactive mind thinking negative thoughts is the root of our stress and addictions.



On Love and Life

X is for Xeriscape*


Succulents and needles,

Sand and stone,

In this arid land

I’m not alone


Quail eggs, scorpion and snake on the floor

Wren, dove, and hummingbird above

All of us move unruffled and unrushed

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust


*Part of my alphabiography series

Why Do Quail Run?


Photo by Andres Sanz

H is for Heed

I used to honor the fast and brash,

the notorious and well-heeled,

the industrious zealots

who marched on downtown pavement


But I’ve come to recognize true virtue

in the quail’s quivering plume –

in the solitary bay of the owl at dusk –

and in the jeweled skin of a rattlesnake








Desert in the summer

means walking the dog at sunrise

rabbits chew and quail run

We cast small shadows

the spaces between needles of the cactus

are the gaps between my thoughts



Desert Oasis


We’ve lived here for 11 years now.

We putter around together in our backyard. William builds patios and walkways while I assemble a desert garden (herbs, cacti). Pretty soon, we’ll be swimming.




I Love Your Mohawk!

I was driving home and stopped suddenly – a mother quail ran across the street, with her 7 babies running right behind her. A family of quail is usually bookended by parents. After my car passed them, the daddy quail quickly crossed the street and caught up with his family.

Unfortunately, baby quail have an 85% mortality rate. They can’t fly for about 11 days after birth and predators are all over the place. Be safe, little ones!










I walked.

I noticed a giant centipede, walking on the garage floor. I swept him away (their bite can hurt a lot).

I walked.

I noticed several rabbits. A groundsnake slithered in front of me. My dog had scared it.

I walked some more.

And the sun went down.





You don’t have to own anything material to feel life is abundant.

I walked my dog this afternoon. Cacti were blooming fire orange flowers. Wildflowers of purple and yellow were sprayed everywhere. Insects and birds were busy working.

If you can find joy in wildflowers and nature around you, then no one can take that feeling of abundance from you.