Stack of Books*

*Day 3 of Everyday Sketching by Jon Stitch on

You would think that since books are rectangular, this would be easy. I had to start over three times and I’m still not thrilled with the final result, but I learned that I need to shade the shadows lighter. I really like Jon Stitch’s teaching style – very Zen.

Daily Practice

Now that I’ve finished drawing all 642 Things to Draw and I’ve finished the illustrations for my third book (Chloe the Cling Fish and her Clutter), I’m back to This apple is the first day of “Everyday Sketching: 31 Still Life Prompts.” I publish on this blog only to hold myself accountable to be creative every single day (outside of my job as a 5/6th grade English and social studies teacher).

I’ll never be a Klee, Rembrandt or any other famous artist. I just want to express myself to the best of my ability. And I’m having so much fun doing it!