Stories We Tell Ourselves

Responsive Drawing on Watercolor

“Stress is a gift. Stress is a gift because it lets you know you are attached to the story in the moment.”

Byron Katie

4 thoughts on “Stories We Tell Ourselves

  1. I like the colors, but any watercolor will do. I stood for probably an hour staring, entranced, at several pages of Turner’s Venice sketchbook. Even Wyeth that floats on air is good to me.
    I’m awaiting your blind contour phase.

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    1. Hi there Yul K! Well, thanks for the feedback. According to Pam Garrison, responsive drawing is “finding” figures and drawing them onto a quickly painted canvas, using colors of your choice. It’s very free form and I enjoy it – it’s a great exercise for me as I “cling” to direct instruction when it comes to painting. 🙂

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