The Best “News” Alternative

One of my goals with this blog is to write frequently in order to hone my writing skills. In doing so, I vowed to write original work and to avoid merely re-posting the work of others.

However, I love THIS WEBSITE so much, I need to share it with you:




Reading or watching the news lately has left me feeling a bit anxious. An instant spirit lift is this website. It’s news, but it’s all GREAT news. They cover individuals who are making a difference in their communities: city, county, country and the world. I recommend subscribing to this gem so that you get a bit of non-fiction inspiration daily.

Have a great Make it a great day!

What’s the Story?


20160427_175745 (1)

I admit it. I can get wrapped up in my worries and take it out on the people I love. I’m working on it. I really am. In the end, we will all go. What is the benefit of all those worries and petty comments then? They are a waste of time. When I go, I hope I leave some positivity in my wake. Maybe some of my students will like writing better than they used to, or have some fond memories of creating skits and plays. Maybe one or two of my students will learn to embrace the comma and use apostrophes properly.

My daughters – physical legacies of flesh and bone. I hope they will have joy in their hearts and spread kindness in the world and use their talents for the Greater Good.

With this blog, my goals are to either share information or inspiration or both. Writing and publishing every day is pushing me to be more creative and resourceful and to do it quickly.

Thank you for reading it.