Podcasts and Promises

Daily Painting Challenge: Day 9

I just finished listening to a Rich Roll podcast. His guest was Jesse Itzler who wrote a best selling book about Living with a (Navy) SEAL. Itzler is also married to Sara Blakely who founded Spanx.

Pursuing outrageous physical feats is not my bag. However, I like to keep learning about motivation and what might help others (as well as me) get/stay motivated to constantly improve (work, relationships).

 The biggest takeaway from this podcast for me was to “circle a date in the future” for a goal I have in mind and then to tell everyone about it to hold myself accountable. As soon as I published “Esther, Mia and the Stars,*” I wanted to write my next book. But I haven’t. So here it is: by December 13th, 2018, I will write (and illustrate!) book #2. 

What have you put on the backburner? Share it now (here or elsewhere), and get going!




*Yes, it says “Mia, Esther and the Stars” on Amazon. But it’s the right book.  ;P







You’re Contagious!

Watercolor, Ink

I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast with Susan David, a medical doctor and researcher out of Harvard. They were talking about emotional agility, which is handling our emotions in a positive and flexible way, without shame and permanence. Apparently, this resonates with a lot of people as her TedTalks have been watched millions of times!

One example she cited about “social contagion” leaped out at me:

Let’s say you have decided to go on a health kick and you want to avoid junk food. You get on a plane and sit next to a stranger. He buys a candy bar. There is a 70% chance that you, too, will purchase a sugary sweet. 70%! That is social contagion.

More on this tomorrow…