It’s All You

Photo from Saffu

If you’re “climbing a ladder” in your work and you feel tired and discouraged, I recommend giving Seth Godin’s podcast a listen. If you have children who are considering a career in music (as I do), have them listen to it as well (click the link below):

Seth Godin’s Akimbo Podcast: You’re It

With echoes of James Altucher’s “Choose Yourself,” philosophy, it’s a must hear. Always a little ahead of his time, Godin offers sound advice regarding “going for it” and not working to “pay one’s dues.” Don’t buy into outdated and ineffective advice.





The Venerable, Not the “Old”


I didn’t give much thought until I became afflicted, too.

My mother, possibly the sweetest person on earth, lamented, “I feel like people don’t like old people.”

You need to watch this video if you think you’ll live past forty.

The speaker is Scilla Elworthy, a peace builder and founder of The Oxford Research Group. She’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. She makes excellent points about maturation. There’s such a stigma with the word “old” and “aging.” We are all getting older, day by day. If we’re open to learning and truly get wiser, then we are “distinguished” and respectable, not old.

Google Keep

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I installed and started using Google Keep yesterday. I love it! I like the options (changing color, archiving, check boxes, adding to Google Docs) and the simple layout.

This is a great way to keep your notes connected to Google. You can also connect a collaborator on projects, send it to your email, and add drawings and pictures.


Deep Work*

Sketches for Book 2 illustrations

Doing deep, meaningful work requires a lot of time in quiet solitude.

I’ve been procrastinating and distracting myself from my deep work (National Board Certification, writing and illustrating Book 2).

So, I shall remove the distractions: posting and reading feeds in social media (FB, Twitter) and checking (and re-checking) the news. Honestly, reading the news and getting upset is not helping anyone. But somehow, I believed that being up to date on current events was being good citizen. As long as my vote is informed, I’m good.

Now, on with the deep work…will you join me? What are your distractions and excuses?



*Cal Newport