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I was inspired by the spring cacti in my yard.

So I began to paint…


16-year old daughter: Whatcha painting?

Me: A really stinky cactus.

D: Oh yeah? What’s it smell like?

Me: Garbage and butt.

D: It looks like a monster on Monsters, Inc.

Me: (laughing hysterically)

D: Draw some arms and legs on it. Call it, “Open to Interpretation.”


Isn’t everything?

Birds’ Eye View


The world is a vast, vast place

Our lives are short, relatively speaking

Keep a wide perspective,

Don’t focus on the small

Do you want to be remembered for your immaculate car and house?

Are you really going to get upset about traffic and a rude co-worker or boss?

Or…do you want to leave a legacy of love and passion?

What you focus on grows.