The Light! The Light!


Jan. 3, 2018

Like Moths to a Flame...This adage refers to the belief that people are driven by misguided values (such as greed or lust) and that this inevitably leads to self-destruction (moths commit suicide when they fly to the light).

Entomologists still don’t know why moths do this. With each hypothesis, there are contradictions to the assertion. Thus, the mystery continues. (LiveScience)

Something that we DO know is that people often kill their dreams through self-doubt and bad habits. It’s a slow and painless death. In fact, it might be quite enjoyable: Netflix Marathons, junk food binges and endless chatting on social media are feel good in that moment.


Passivity is killing your End Game. [End Game = publishing your book, starting your company, getting a better job, fostering rich relationships, running a marathon, losing 20 lbs., etc.]

Each day is precious. What action can you take to replace just one self-sacrificing habit today?






6 thoughts on “The Light! The Light!

  1. yez, it’s a trap. We think we are doing innocent activities but they are part of a huge deception. These activities make us distracted from love and God.
    In the movie, God Is Not Dead, in one scene, a character explains how a comfortable life might be the devil’s work. A comfortable life with tons of money might be what you think is great but without God and love, that life is nothing … it might actually be hell is disguise.


  2. Passivity is killing the end game, this is it exactly. Watching CNN reporting on the POTUS’s latest scandalous remarks ignite a fire within and I can’t seem to break free of that. I’m glad to read your post, thank you


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