Children’s Book Self-Publishing: Lessons As I Go

My illustrators (daughters, ages 13 and 14) have been busy with homework and violin concerts this week. But I hope they make a lot of progress this weekend:


Unfinished Illustration (by Ava)


By Ava Wipff


In the meantime, I am shopping for translators at our school. Fortunately, I have access to a couple Spanish teachers and one Mandarin teacher. I will be asking them today if they’d be interested in doing language translations.

This means I need to create a document with just the text. Currently, I have text and illustrations (or placeholders). Lesson learned: next time, create a text only documents first.

I’m pretty excited about this stage because it adds a lot of value to the book. Adding a language component can expose children to other languages and pique their interest if they’re not already learning Mandarin, Spanish, Korean or French.


Self-Publishing: Formatting Your Pages

It’s a Saturday night. Hubby’s watching TV, girls are on their phones and I’m at my desk again.

Tonight, I’m starting the process that stopped me before: formatting my pages! I got overwhelmed in March. I’m determined to see this through! So here goes.


CreateSpace has a template you can use in Word! How easy is that? The first is the interior cover page and then a dedication:


…a blank page follows that and then the Table of Contents.

Note: I started this whole process with and I enrolled in the “Self Publish Your Children’s Book” course given by Tim Johnson. He has a very warm, enthusiastic manner and makes the process less intimidating. Check him out!  I got 62% of the way through. I will be completing that course in tandem with the website going forward.

I’m going to upload my content and update my blog tomorrow.

And to all….a good night!

Esther and Mia on a blanket
Illustrated by Josie Wipff  March 2016




Self-Publishing: ISBNs, Trim Size

Do you have your EIN yet?

Next step on my CreateSpace Dashboard: Establishing an ISBN.

CreateSpace will create one for you, for FREE. However, this ISBN can only be used on the CreateSpace publishing platform, which is OK by me, since I want to distribute through


I’m choosing the most popular trim size and full-color (it’s a children’s book, afterall) and white pages (cream is not an option anyway).


The next step (uploading book file) will have to wait until this weekend. I have not laid my book out yet. I’m preparing myself for a slow and (most likely) frustrating process as my scanner is slow.


Are you doing this with me? Let’s git ‘er done!