We have a natural tendency to be preoccupied with things and competition (Mine is better than yours, I make more than you, I’m good at this, what are you good at?)

But there comes a time when this comes to a natural conclusion (perhaps a little after adulthood), and can be replaced by something deeper: Finding your essence identity (spiritual dimension).

The material and form identities still exist, but they should no longer give you a sense of who you are.

Lighten up. It’s just form. You never cease being you and there’s no need to get excited or stressed about the forms that happen in your life.

(Eckhart Tolle)

Mirth Within the Means


As I approach the end of my novella, I find myself (still) keeping Monkey Mind at bay and working hard to get to the finish line. This means business! This means focus!


My shoulders get tight.

I look at the word count constantly to ensure I am making my goal.

I second-guess myself.

And I forget to have fun.

But when I remember to lighten up, the writing flows. I get more creative. And I magically hit my numbers.

Do what kids and puppies do: Have fun!