What if…


the riches we all strove for were the inner lights we could possess? What if we all wanted to be rich this way and helped each other attain this wealth?


The great news is that we have the option – the freedom – to choose what wealth is for ourselves. Possessing ambition is fine, but without inner peace, it means nothing.


Rich – adj., abounding in natural resources (Dictionary.com)

The idea for this blog was inspired by Light Watkin’s post on true wealth.

8 thoughts on “What if…

  1. I love this post – and especially suggest this for the Christian community – if you don’t mind me mentioning this – but in this group they preach one thing then put the opposite behavior from folks on a pedestal – but we need to a magazine cover of a man who never gave up, was kind, served his family, had balance and time for his kids – but instead we see a man on the cover who did triathlons and made a million bucks


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