The Venerable, Not the “Old”


I didn’t give much thought until I became afflicted, too.

My mother, possibly the sweetest person on earth, lamented, “I feel like people don’t like old people.”

You need to watch this video if you think you’ll live past forty.

The speaker is Scilla Elworthy, a peace builder and founder of The Oxford Research Group. She’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times. She makes excellent points about maturation. There’s such a stigma with the word “old” and “aging.” We are all getting older, day by day. If we’re open to learning and truly get wiser, then we are “distinguished” and respectable, not old.

Sunday Suggestion

Screenshot 2018-09-22 at 9.34.38 PM
Just thought this was funny.

Joined the gym with my teenage daughters today

They both told me they wanted to start exercising (!)

We ran on the treadmill, lifted some weights…shared some laughs

Over dinner, Josie (16 and perenially anxious) said, “Wow, I feel so relaxed.”


So my suggestion today is to do something different with your kids. Put work aside and talk, laugh and move.