Desert Oasis


We’ve lived here for 11 years now.

We putter around together in our backyard. William builds patios and walkways while I assemble a desert garden (herbs, cacti). Pretty soon, we’ll be swimming.




Personal Success

Holding Pattern

Ava got ill…coughing, hacking, fever. Stayed home. Planned for sub. I’m in a holding pattern with the writing, although I managed to write a couple pages at Starbucks Monday. Forecast: rainy this weekend. Just perfect for writing.

Addendum: heard on NPR “You must write about what you believe in, or it won’t stand up.” (paraphrased)

Monday Feb. 9 – I have a renewed energy and inspiration for writing now. Today’s word: toady. I am beyond being toady with anyone in life. Josie and Ava are on the brink of 100% health. What I do, I do for them.