Instantaneous Inspiration

My friend and fellow chaperone was walking with me at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. We were in the aquatic section. He laughed, pointed at a fossil and said, “I think I’ve seen this in Star Wars.”


I laughed and realized that creators are most likely inspired and influenced by the strangest things!

“And this too!” He laughed. I could see exactly what he meant.


I imagined the designers and creators researching and studying ancient, strange creatures from millions of years ago. Maybe? Maybe not. But they were clearly inspired by the strange.

If you’re looking for inspiration, visit a musuem or an art gallery. Relax and enjoy yourself. Creativity is sure to reveal itself when you least expect it.



Telling The Story With Care


This poster came in a box of cereal.

I taped it to the wall near my desk. I’m not even a hard core Star Wars fan, but I taped it to remind me of something: even the best make mistakes. Yes, it made $924,317,558 at the box office. It was a hit, if you consider only the money it brought in. But in terms of quality – critical success – it bombed. It was the fourth film in the Star Wars series, so one can’t make the rookie argument.

Some critiques from reputable sources:

“Part two now focuses on the second biggest problem with the Phantom Menace, the story. The mystery plot lacking direction and emotional involvement was really the other big problem. No tension, no drama, no stakes. Characters aimlessly follow along the events.” – 

As a writer, you have to decide whether you’re writing for the craft or for views/sales/tawdry attention.