Out on a Lim*


The sequel to the “Crazy Rich Asians” film has been delayed because of a pay dispute. Adele Lim, a female Asian writer, was offered 1/8 the pay as her male (white) co-writer. This is an enormous disparity and even more egregious when you consider what she brings to the table (which he cannot): an Asian perspective to an Asian film.

Here are some of her words on the matter:

“Being evaluated that way can’t help but make you feel that is how they view my contributions,” Lim said. She also feels women and people of color are used as “soy sauce.” In other words, they’re only there to add a cultural flavor to the project.


Good Deeds

ink, tracing paper

My daughter brought the garbage bin in from the street for the first time.

As she walked it to the gate, a sun spider ran across her ankle.

She screamed.

And she will probably never bring the trash bin in again.


By the way, sun spider is a misnomer – it’s not a real spider nor does it like the sun!