Daily art prompts. Today’s: “Dream a Little Dream.” I just drew and wrote what came to mind. It became instantly cathartic. Since March, I have lost a friend to a heart attack, my father to lung cancer and discovered a loved one is a severe alcoholic. This has brought to the fore some unsavory childhood memories. The spate of mass shootings in the past couple of days is also disturbing.

But art and writing are centering me.



You Can Feel This Way All the Time

Photo by Lawrence Walters

S is for the Sun

When I was four, I stood in the backyard

dotted with dandelions and a baby pool

I looked up – the sun radiated my face

I felt melded with everything and life was so good


We were “poor”, but I did not know that

Dad was already worrying about college for his three kids

Mom cried and missed her family back in Korea

But the sun was out and I felt like a flower, blossoming




Wherever You Go

Photo by Steve Richey

G is for Geography

Davenport, Iowa

my childhood: pizza and friends, rollerskating rinks and birthday parties, and

Tae Kwon Do

DeKalb, Illinois

my high school years, academic stress, Madonna and Prince, cornfields, detassling, Del Monte factory

Rochester, New York

holy-crap-cold, ice storms, tunnel systems, hibernation, isolation, spring, independence

San Francisco, California

Real freedom (!), real work, KKSF Radio, banking, teaching, marriage, babies, house, traffic

Mesa, Arizona

Culture shock, new home, dry heat, sweet violin music, educating, new friends, cancer, husband’s lay offs, writing, and stillness



*part of alphabiography series