Tying Loose Ends


It’s December 5. We are almost at the finish line of 2016 and I have some loose ends to tie: complete my children’s book and edit my novella (Nanowrimo). These are my writing goals for this month.

Jillian Michaels says, “It’s when you’re uncomfortable that change happens.”

When it comes to writing, I enjoy the research phase. I also love the writing phase where I just throw it onto paper. But when it comes to editing, I get…uncomfortable. All those monkey mind thoughts I fought while writing come back and it prevents me from finishing.

Working out and changing your diet is uncomfortable.

Interviewing for your dream job is uncomfortable.

Making new friends is uncomfortable.

Disconnecting from friends who don’t act like your friends is uncomfortable.

Discomfort leads to change and growth! Who cares about perfection? It’s not important. In fact, it can be your enemy. Finishing is the most important thing.