10/10 – Would Recommend to a Friend

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I fought it for a long time. It seemed too expensive. I can buy my own groceries and cook dinners like that! But…I never did. I cooked the same dinners over and over again. My family and I were uninspired.

A family member (thanks Karen!) sent me a free box (includes 2 meals for 4 people). The box arrived with ultra-fresh vegetables and meats and the cutest tiny bottles of vinegars. Large recipe cards included detailed steps for cooking. My teenage daughters were intrigued and offered to help me cook (Huge benefit #1).

These boxes require actual cooking.  So if you don’t like cooking, don’t subscribe. We got busy washing produce, chopping, measuring, and mixing. Once cooked, the kitchen smelled amazing. We sat at the table with anticipation and we were not disappointed! Dinner was delicious (Benefit #2)!


The meals are designed to minimize waste. We had no leftovers,  yet we felt satisfied. The box is cardboard, = recyclable; packaging = recyclable; the two large ice packs can be resused. But if you subscribe, you’ll quickly run out of room in your freezer should you save the ice packs. I cut the freezer bags open, dispose of the insides and recycle the plastic.

The cost is more than regular grocery shopping, but less than dining out. It’s a lot healthier than eating out so it’s a win-win in my eyes.

You can opt for a 2-person meal plan with 3 meals/box. Price/serving is $9.99 for a weekly total of $59.94.

A 4-person meal plan with 2 meals/box comes to price/serving of $8.99 for a weekly total of $71.92. you could get 4 meals/box for a price/serving of $8.99 and a weekly total of $143.84.

About the food:

  • farm-fresh, seasonal
  • meat has no hormones
  • sustainably sourced seafood
  • vegetarian preferences available

You can cancel at anytime and you can skip a week here and there with no problem (we did that when we went out of town for vacation). They also offer wine (with or without the meal plan).











Ode to Kerstin and Her Boys


Preparing for the dinner fete

Bought fish, veg, cake and wine

Suspense meets calm as time appears

At last our love combines

Your sons – maturing to great men

quickly they get settled

Our daughters  – browsing internet

join us for tete-a-tete.

Supper’s ready, we take a seat

Salmon is smoky yum

But wait, asks Nate, where’s the kimchi?

Just happen to have some!

More great conversation is had,

Boys give chase to the pooch,

While violins ser’nade,

Us three take sips of hooch.

 As all good things come to an end,

The boys get quite tired,

You gather kids and things, we hug,

I am left inspired.


Our new neighbors were expecting friends from France.

Mr. B. came to our door. “We are expecting friends from France. They have girls your ages. Do you think they could play together?” “Of course!” I replied. “They don’t speak any English,” Mr. B. stated. “No worries!” I replied.  Ava added, “We can always communicate via Google Translate.”  Brilliant!

The girls came. They were beautiful and shy. I had prompted Josie and Ava to be prepared with some ideas and games. Of course, when I suggested board games, they wrinkled their noses and chorused, “Boring!” So I allowed them to plan it on their own.

The girls started by opening a laptop with Google translate on. They typed and communicated what they were going to do. First thing: origami. Josie laughed as one of the girls accidentally ripped her paper, looked at Josie and then threw it over her shoulder!

The play date continued, communication largely facilitated by the translating program, but occasionally by means of facial expressions and key words.

20140308_184257 (1)

The French girls then suggested that they play dodge ball. They all went to the park a few blocks away and played, sharing an iPhone to continue their dialogue. Upon their return, they played a game of billiards and then joined us for dinner. The night ended at 10pm – way past their bedtime. But all the girls had a fantastic time. “I wish they lived on this block! It would be so fun!” Josie lamented this morning. The guests depart for France on Tuesday.

Josie and Ava are composing a letter (with help from Google!) and are assembling a farewell gift.

gifts for girls