You’re looking at f***ing determination and truth and creativity. You’re looking at loss and sorrow and the effort for a deeper perspective. You’re looking at satisfaction and happiness. You’re looking at a manifestation of a connection so deep and rooted that it’s more real than I am. You’re looking at my face.*

FACE: One Square Foot of Skin by Justine Bateman


What We Tell Girls

Larm Rmah

He didn’t mean to be mean

He was just playing when he grabbed you too hard

He’s sorry and you should just move on

He’s not stalking you, that’s your imagination – you need to work out it, both of you

What did you do to make him do that?

What were you wearing?

Why were you alone with him?

He’s just a touchy-feely kind of guy

He does that to everybody





Search for Sacrament

She adorned herself with auroral acquisitions

brooding to be the best bauble

disguising her diffidence

with an utter lack of resistance


Presented with provocation

she balanced the benefits of the bestowal band

affronts, abuse and anger were abysmal

but the lust for love


conquered her competence


My Illustrator is busy with school and violin. I’m teaching myself to draw. Be kind.