Page 15*


“Well, yeah. I’m right…and they are…wrong.”

Kevin felt something in his chameleon gut. It all felt untrue.

Lily just kept eating.

“OK, maybe they’re not completely at fault. Maybe I get hot-headed and too passionate.”

Lily continued to look into his eyes, listening to him. 

There was no judgment, anger or fear in her eyes. She was listening to him, completely.



*From my next book, Kevin the Complainer

Page Ten*


Carlos and Minji continued to ignore Kevin. Day after day, Kevin remained silently hopeful, only to be crushed by dismissal bell.

One day, Ms. Meretta made an announcement.

“Class, we have a new student. Her name is Lily. Please introduce yourselves throughout the day and make her feel welcome.”

The new student walked to her desk and sat down.


*(From my next book, Kevin the Complainer)

Page 8* (tentatively)


“Well, then I QUIT!” Kevin stormed off.


It was awkward at lunch. The three always ate lunch together.

Minji and Carlos were eating their lunch and Kevin had to sit by himself.

He was sorry, but couldn’t bring himself to go and apologize.

So he ate his cricket sandwich with jackfruit jelly and felt sorry for himself.


*From my next book, Kevin the Complainer

Page Seven (maybe)*


At last!  Recess.

Minji kicked the ball and ran for cover. Carlos got the ball and kicked it toward Kevin. But Kevin couldn’t catch the ball, which meant he was “out.”

“Let’s start over! That was unfair!” Kevin cried out.

Minji and Carlos shot each other a look.

“You know very well everything was fair, Kevin.” Minji took the ball to continue the game.

“Yeah, you’re out,” Carlos added.

“Oh yeah?” Kevin asked.

“Yes,” The other two replied.


*My book-in-progress (Kevin the Complainer)


When I asked the 16-year-old daughter what she thought of this illustration, she said:

“It looks like the two cats are going to eat the chameleon.”


Another Page


“Harvey woke up and complained to his mom that he felt a headache coming on.

His breakfast was overdone.

He couldn’t find his favorite gloves.

He heard something outside: Thunder rolled and cracked.

Oh no! There’s a storm! Now we won’t be able to play Kick and Cover! He muttered to himself.

He did not like the way his day was starting.”

From Kevin the Complainer