Watercolor & Resist



I’m traveling and I left my fine paintbrush at a friend’s house. So I thought I’d try wax resist using a white art pencil and on the lettering and then paint over it. It “kind of” worked out. A white crayon might work better. I’ll paint this bag again when I get home. It was fun!

Stawamus Chief Park in Squamish, BC

We rode the Sea to Sky gondola in Squamish today. It was a 12 minute ride to the top and, after three days of looking skyward to the tops of pine trees, now we were looking down on those beautiful giants!
After our ascent, we walked around and crossed a pedestrian suspension bridge. It’s thrilling to cross the vast expanse when the entire bridge reacts to your every move. 

The fog, as you can see, was thick all around us. 

A visit to this place is highly recommended: https://www.seatoskygondola.com/adventures/suspension-bridge

I’m in Love…

with Vancouver!
The locals are so friendly.

We are eating well. 

We are walking everywhere.

Leaves as big as my foot.

There isn’t anything like changing your environment to jump start some inspiration.

Fall Break


Kismet is on vacation for the following week.

Brief updates may occur, such as this one:



At the Stanford Game. We won’t discuss the final score.



My sister’s new dog, Pepper. A bundle of love!




Last Day 5/26/16


last day

Goodbye classroom

Hello swimming pool

Goodbye homework, quizzes and stress

Hello summer reading and TV watching

Goodbye morning alarm and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch

Hello singing birds and new recipes

Goodbye fatigue

Hello rejuvenation