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My first collage!

Any time you feel defensive, your ego is being manipulative. You are attempting to hold onto an identity that you want others to perceive.

Meditate on it. Change if it makes sense to…or just let it go.


True Freedom


Day 24 of 31 Day Painting Challenge*

We believe the “right” amount of money will afford us freedom.

We believe that being 100% safe will make us free.

But what will really give you freedom is complete acceptance of reality and even looking forward to your “fears” coming true.

When you practice dread, you practice imprisonment.

When you welcome everything, you liberate yourself.



* (Lisa Congdon)

The Lion’s Tooth




Dandelion Doodle

The dandelion* is a wondrous flower. Many claim it has medicinal and nutritional value. I don’t know about that. Maybe it’s true. I just find them wildly beautiful. Please watch this time lapse video of a dandelion over one month (Neil Bromhall):



*dandelion literally means “tooth of a lion” in French







How to be Fully Present

You don’t have to be “moody.”

You don’t have to be ultra “proud” of your children, your spouse or your possessions.

You don’t have to react to everything…or anything.

You can choose to live within the band of happiness no matter the context or situation.

The next time something great happens, say, “thank you.”

The next time something “bad” happens, say “thank you.”

This is how to be fully present and truly happy all of the time.








Photo by Aaron Burden

Fists clenched onto the fabric of safety

stretches, soils and tears the very cloth

we desperately hope to save


When we loosen our grip, the remnant flies

aerated, swirled and  boundless

we never own anything


Do You See the Monster?


photo by Creativebloq

N is for Negative Space*

In third grade, my art teacher instructed us to never have too much white paper in our art. “Fill the white space!” Ah, Mrs. Raims.  She was great. She gave sound art advice. If you have a small figure on a large canvas of white, it ought to be small for a reason.  It ought to be making a statement. 

Negative space, however, is not all bad.

“Negative space is, quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in a image. Just as important as that object itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition.”

Jul 26, 2017  (Creativebloq)


The logo on the cup is for an adult-targeted alcohol and gourmet ice cream shop! (Creativebloq)

I embrace this philosophy of negative space. In a literal, every day sense, I love having lots of negative space in my house.

It leaves room for possibility.


*part of my alphabiography series

Most Beloved


Photo by Ahmed Saffu

If we love ourselves – truly love – ourselves (not self-aggrandize),

then we do not judge and criticize others

we do not fear the differences among people

we do not scapegoat

we do not pick arguments or fights

and we certainly do not incite violence